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It's just like a porn,you wait for the eruption

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 01/04/2017

“Only death is freedom for a gladiator.”

The movie “Pompeii” isn’t really a disaster. Of course, it is not in favor of this film that the unraveling is already known in advance. So it’s not so that you are going to look up surprised as the end credits are scrolling over the screen and you look stunned at the screen, stammering and muttering in yourself “Damn, I really didn’t see this coming !”. If you are going to enumerate the disaster movies, you get a long list . Of course, the content of such films is already known in advance. In “The Poseidon Adventure” and “Titanic” the ships in the respective films run into some trouble. In “Twister”, the twisters made a mess. “2012” was about the year 2012 when the world is experiencing a major flood. …


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A vollcanic disaster

smeagol - wrote on 05/03/2014

Since the brilliant spartacus tv series there seems to be quite a few gladiator movies disguised as other things. i.e the legend of hercules and this one. ,This is basically a gladiator movie centred in pompei, kit harrington( game of thrones) plays the slave gladiator with kither sutherland as the evil roman. cue emily browning as the love interest that he tries to save when the volcano erupts.
You can tell this is a bad movie within a few minutes. kit puts on a decent performance but elsewhere the majority is bad cliche acting bad casting, stolen scenes from other movies . bad dialogue. bad direction and fight scenes and . to many close up wonky annoying camera shots.. they should of hired the spartacus series crew to help and show them how its meant to be done.
saying all that , …

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