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Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/08/2015

Much like the book it was based on it starts off strong and kind meanders in the middle and comes to an abrupt end. I like Radcliffe taking on a more adult role and breaking out of his comfort zone and Juno Temple is always a welcome addition. It has pacing issues, but overall is a decent adaptation - it's hard to say if this is truly horror or more dark fantasy, but I enjoyed it and one the better side of Alexandre Aja's recent films for sure.

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HorrorFan86 - wrote on 02/04/2015

We always say we want people to be honest with us, this movie shows what that would feel like. The effects are great, the story kept me enthralled from start to finish. This isn't so much a horror movie as it is a love story with elements of horror. Based on the book by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son), I really saw the similarities in other of King's stories, i.e. flashbacks to memories of childhood and a gang of misfit kids. My only complaint was bland acting in a few scenes, but overall the acting wasn't bad. I really enjoyed this movie and will recommend it to friends.

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