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Jacob Zembower
Jacob Zembower

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'Come here, come closer'

Jacob Zembower - wrote on 06/19/2013

Brian De Palma's remake of the classy, subtle, sexy original french film Love Crime is at once a disappointment and yet oddly mesmerizing experience to behold. McAdam's and especially Rapace turn in serviceable performances, with McAdams' chewing up the scenery as yet another 'mean girl'. Rapace is put in a more dignified characterization, but even she can't avoid the trappings of De Palma, who brings in all the trashy kinky sex, lurid violent imagery, and twists upon twists that makes the film ultimately needlessly baffling where the original ended on such a fine note. Still, I'll be damned if I said I wasn't completely engrossed and never once bored throughout the film. Sure, it's not as great as the original, but with this pair of sexy talented actresses, and De Palma's …

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