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Rich - wrote on 07/11/2012

Jeremy Renner was sheer genius as Dahmer. After having read a couple of books on Dahmer and following the news coverage closely while a college student in Wisconsin, the evil genius portrayal Renner gave was spot on of one our Nation's most notorious serial killers. I've become a big Renner fan since. If you have the stomach, this movie is well worth watching, on an empty one.

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Makemelaugh - wrote on 09/04/2010

The story was lame. It did show Dahmer's pursuit, torture and murder of gay men, tastefully, if such a thing is possible. But what it lacked was his capture, trial and imprisonment. The acting was okay. Bruce Davison played his father and he was great as usual. This film was interesting because the subject matter is interesting but just didn't give enough real story.

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