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An exquisitely murderous drama

cacb3995 - wrote on 09/23/2018

Based on the 1977 novel “A Judgement in Stone” by Ruth Rendell, which in turn was inspired by real life events that transpired in 1933, “La Cérémonie” tells the story of young Sophie (Sandrine Bonnaire) as she’s hired as a maid by the well accomodated Lelièvre family. She’s shy and introverted, and has a disadvantage that’s revealed later on in the film but that still plays an important role, and even more important, there’s an event in her past that still exerts its influence on her. Being new in town, she quickly befriends Jeanne (Isabelle Huppert), a local girl who works at the post office and has an uncomplicated view on life. The problem is that her employers don’t want her hanging around with Jeanne, Mr. Lelièvre (Jean-Pierre Cassel) really dislikes her, and …

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