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"Will sue you 2" (Licence plate on Stolen car)

MovieAddict - wrote on 06/22/2013

"It's a day spa, you f***!"

A biology teacher (Kim Bassinger) is at home, talking with the maid, when suddenly some bad guys storm the room, shoot the maid and take the woman hostage. She is locked up in a cellar, clueless as to what's going on. She desperately searches for a way out and soon sees a phone, only to have it smashed when her menacing kidnapper (Jason Statham) re-enters the room.

She is able to piece it back together long enough to make a random call to a stranger. The guy on the other end is just your average college aged kid (Chris Evans) who at first thinks it's a joke (as you would), but soon realizes she's for real when he hears her getting beaten up by one of her kidnappers. She tells him that the kidnappers have actually targeted her husband and kid and were …

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