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Saints 2

DJColts18 - wrote on 04/11/2010

Ugh, where to start.... I am one of the biggest fans of the original. On a trip, I watch the original 3 times in a row on my i-pod. I was so excited the day I rented the second one and that was my problem. Right from the start I was uninterested. The story idea was actually ok and Collins and Flanery were not bad. Smecker's replacement was probably the most annoying character I have ever seen in a movie. I absolutely could not stand listening to her talk. What also put me off was the other three detectives behavior. From what I saw (I say that because I stopped the movie halfway through and returned it), the whole crime thing was a big joke. It was like they were messing around the whole movie and didn't care about anything. I also did not like the saints mexican partner …

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Sequel Rule of Thumb

Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 12/17/2009

After waiting for seemed like an eternity, the long awaited sequel to the sleep classic 'The Boondock Saints' was finally released....only be on a limited release.

By mistake, I happened to see it was finally playing at a local AMC, so I e-mailed a friend and we got our tickets to see it the other night.

Though I gave this movie a 3 star rating (good); if it wasn't for some occasional uber-redeaming qualities I probably would have gone with this movie being just Okay (a 2.5 star rating).

This movie seriously lacked the fun quality that was so addicting about the first movie. I felt Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus were not in the roles as much as they were in the first. Plus, they looked incredibly tired during the 'entire' movie; which I don't think was a planned look. …

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