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Great storyline if only it was directed properly!!

Lee - wrote on 08/10/2012

I'll be frank with you all, the only reason i ever gave this film a second thought was due to Jason Stathum being in it. After watching the film it wasn't even worth it even for his performance which wasn't much of one. I was a little confused by the beginning of the storyline here. Guy is an electrician for one of the players of a secret game. after his employer dies of an heroin overdose, the electrician finds a envelope containing a number 13 and a ticket to the next game. He decides he could use the couple of million payout money if he wins the game and proceeds to start out on his journey. Upon arriving at the game site he now learns its a russian roulette elimination type game. He play anyways and is joined by other players from around the globe Patrick Jefferson (Mickey Rourke) …

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