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hellgirl666 - wrote on 11/04/2008

The Devil's Curse has a slow start and you almost want to give up on it, but when the kids break into the college building, the dread really starts to build. The clever use of tension reminds me in many ways of Blair Witch in that you never really get to see anything; it's what you don't see that is so scary. And the sound design is fantastic; it chills the blood. It's refreshing to see a horror film that doesn't rely on gore or stupid make up effects. The twist is amazing, although I had to think about it for a while. If you want to see heads being ripped open by unbelievable monsters then this is definitely not for you. If you want to see something that makes you use your own head, then you should give it a go.

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CJP - wrote on 10/20/2008

Action: 1/3 + Comedy: 0/2 + Good vs Evil: 1/1 + Love/Sex: 1/1 + Special Effects: 0/1 + Plot: 0.5/1 + Music: 0.5/1 = 4/10 or 40%. The introduction and premise to the story is fine. What follows is pure annoyance and I feel I must warn the viewers just in case. This is a Christian based horror film. There is no blood or frights. It is straight laced if-you-screw-with-black-magic-then-demons-get-you theory. Very low budget affair and not recommended for anyone because horror movies are suppossed to either be scary or tense or hopefully both and this is neither.

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