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Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
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Indie Written All Over It

Franz Patrick - wrote on 07/01/2008

I liked this movie a little bit but there's something about it that's cold and uninvolving. It's got idependent film written all over it but it's sharp in its own way, especially some of the dialogues. I didn't like the story because it reminded me of a less daring, less crafty replica of "Kissing Jessica Stein." Cliches are all over the place but I'm more than willing to forgive those because most gay and lesbian movies get their humour from archetypes. Still, I wish it had more heart instead of more brain because it got too cerebral in some scenes, to the point where I thought that the writers were trying too hard to make the characters stand out. This is the kind of movie that I would imagine most English teachers would like because they do throw out a plethora of references regarding …

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