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"The 6th Day" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 03/19/2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as a charter pilot who comes home one day to find a clone is living his life. Gee, can you guess what the big surprise twist is....? Two Arnies for the price of one in another of his forays into sci-fi action. It does often resemble his earlier Total Recall, although it's not as tacky or nonsensical. In fact the technophobic conspiracy theory premise is rather more like I Robot in execution. Arnie sticks to what he knows with some decent action sequences and corny one-liners, but the direction is workman-like with a lot of unnecessary visual nonsense. The whole message of the story also seems to be an anti-cloning message that suggests it will lead to human life becoming disposable, which makes the fact that it makes jokes about the deaths of some of its …

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