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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Company Line!

Filmhaus - wrote on 04/16/2021

Long ago when I worked as a 3rd party contractor under a certain unnamed telecommunications company, they gave us 'the talk' during our first day of orientation.

It had to do with unions. The company's stance was steadfastly in the camp of risk mitigation.

They went on and on about our freedom to choose, while gently inferring we were also free to be shown the door, living in an 'at will' state.

Luckily, I was young, low on the corporate ladder, and dumb enough to express myself freely so that no one dared invite me to union meetings.

Or to leadership meetings after it was noticed I was playing buzzword bingo on a napkin.

The blessing and the curse of being naive to politics is that you never truly fit in anywhere.

That being said, "I'm All Right, Jack" is a comedy of …

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