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Drive-In Massacre - wrote on 04/21/2010

Reclusive, and eccentric director Tod Browning is known by the most-inner circle of old horror film fans as the director of such cult classics as Mark of the Vampire, The Unholy Three, The Unknown, and London After Midnight (the infamous lost Lon Chaney film). But it is without question he is best known to the world as the director of one of the top 20 most iconic films in history, Dracula, as well as the film in question, that of which is Freaks. - Possibly even more for Freaks. Dracula is much more recognized, but he didn't put much effort in it, and Lugosi is discussed much more than any one else. In Freaks Tod Browning is almost considered the star. - I'm not going to go much into the history of the making of the film or the history of the people involved. If I did I'm sure it would …

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