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Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
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Deeply Involving

Franz Patrick - wrote on 04/12/2008

I was deeply touched by this movie because even though I wasn't alive back when it all happened, this film made me feel like I was right there. It also made me wish that I lived in the 60's because everything was happening: the war, the fight for the rights of all kinds of minorities, the commencement of the rise of technology... And this film is also special because I've NEVER seen a footage of mankind's landing on the moon prior to watching this gem even though YouTube is available to everyone. I've heard rumors that the moon landing didn't really exist so I guess, in a way, I unconsciously chose not to see any of it due to the fear of me believing such rumors. But this film completely convinced me that it did happen, not so much because of the footages, but the way the astronauts …

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