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Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
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Again with the Stereotypes!

Franz Patrick - wrote on 12/13/2008

It’s a shame because this movie had a chance to explore a subject I’ve been really curious about: the Asian gay community in the United Kingdom. Instead, it chose to deal with one cliché on top of one another to the point of suffocation. Perhaps the only thing that worked for me was Steven Lim and Gareth Rhys Davis’ strained relationship. There was something real about their relationship because one wants to settle down and one doesn’t want to give up one night stands. Although I can feel more toward one side, I can understand the other side’s positive qualities. At best, some of the scenes reminded me of “Queer as Folk.” Ray Yeung, writer and director, should have thought of deeper material to deal with; to make a real statements about specific LGBT lifestyles. It’s …

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