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To God there is no zero, I still exist.

gideon43 - wrote on 05/28/2010

Just a quick note to Eddie Murphy on the proposed Incredible Shrinking Man remake, don't, please don't.
The original is an incredibly poignant science fiction masterpiece.
At the core of this movie is an ordinary mans battle with inner turmoil, shame and even humiliation as his life drastically changes.
The all so real (in 1950s America) threat of Nuclear destruction and the aftermath of radiation poisoning often visited in Sci Fi movies of that decade (Them, Tarantula, Creature From the Black Lagoon) serves as an uneasy and subliminal backdrop.
Highly imaginative special effects compliment a cracking story, which is overflowing with tension, wonderment and suspense.
Dealing with the question of mans existence, the Incredible Shrinking man is a deep and rewardingly philosophical …

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