X-Men Movie Plots

Movie Plots

There are two groups of mutants - split between the ideals of both revenge and peace within humankind due to present contrasting beliefs. Magneto is a powerful mutant, head of The Brotherhood of Mutants, seeking revenge for their inferior treatment. Professor X, a.k.a Charles Xavier, who owns a school which helps enhance young mutants' abilities, heads the X-Men, who prefer to make peace with humankind. When Senator Kelly tries to pass the Mutant Registration Bill, which requires mutants to reveal themselves, both sides become more heated. As Magneto decides to set up a device to mutate the world leaders as they meet at a summit on Ellis Island, the X-Men are forced to take action before Magneto becomes too powerful. -- X-MenTrulyGifted

The war between mutants and humans heats up. The fate of all humans rests in the hands of a one group who stands up for the rights of all.

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