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"What Lies Beneath" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 01/27/2012

The wife of a work obsessed academic becomes convinced that the ghost of a dead girl is inhabiting their new home. What Lies Beneath has all the hallmarks of a big money, mainstream Hollywood thriller. The two heavyweight leads were never going to disappoint, veteran director Robert Zemeckis' work behind the camera was always going to be surefooted and the whole thing has that gloss of well engineered "quality". Yet it's all so very soulless and generic it will never set your world alight. More a homage to Hitchcock than a true ghost story, it has the obvious references a bathroom setting was sure to contain and even the soundtrack owes more than a little to Psycho, but the edginess of that classic is sorely missing. Solid, but oh so very safe.

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