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He's dead people

Gabe - wrote on 08/25/2014

So here's the deal, this film is probably closer to 2 stars than 2.5, but I just couldn't put a film from this classic period of comedies with anything less. It's really one of the last raunchy comedies of that era to be released. This sort of film wouldn't come back again, in my opinion, until American Pie in 1999. The film makes absolutely no sense. I mean, nobody in their right mind would carry around a dead guy for a weekend. I mean, at the very least, wouldn't it start to stink? Throwing all reality aside, I do think this film does skewer 80's yuppie culture. The party at Bernie's scene, when everybody thinks he's just so drunk that he can't speak, instead of you know, dead, points to the complete lack of respect for anyone around them. Everyone at the party is just so …

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