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Now imagine that she is white!!!

mdtinney - wrote on 04/26/2009

First rate adaptation of a top notch John Grisham novel directed by Joel Shumaker about a revengeful father (Samuel L Jackson) on trial for the murder of two white supremist brothers charged with the brutal rape and attempted murder of Jackson's 10 year old daughter. This movie is a must see as it deals with the racial tension in Mississippi during the trail. Matthew McConaughey becomes a bonified star after his portrayal of the Attorney hired to defend Jackson. The supporting cast includes great performances by Sandra Bullock , Kevin Spacey , Oliver Platt , Charles S Dutton , Keifer and Donald Sutherland , and Ashley Judd. Great acting , screenplay , and directing helps this movie land at #4 in my top 100!!! You will not be dissapointed in this movie!!

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