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Stranger Than Paradise

Stranger Than Fiction review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 07/26/13

“Where are we goin?...I dunno.” The plot involves Willie (John Lurie), his Hungarian cousin Eva (Eszter Balint) and Eddie (Richard Edson). One day Eva brings home some stolen goods and his cousin flatters her saying “you’re alright.” After a year has passed Eddie and Willie hustle a group from playing poker and have saved enough money to go to Cleveland where Eva is staying. The pair waits in the house with Aunt Lotte. Eddie decides to go to Florida with Eva and Eddie.

Soundtrack was fair and lacks that certain impact. Pace was albeit dragging and could have used more story/background. The positives of the film were the realistic performances and the screenplay with lines: Eddie – “You know it's funny. You come to someplace new, and everything looks just the same.” And “Aw, Willie. I had a bad feeling. Damn. What the hell you gonna do in Budapest?” Willie – “You know, when you come here, you should dress like people dress here.” “I don't even consider myself a part of the family, do you understand?” “Just stay out of trouble.” One of the highly influential independent films that touches on uncertainty, greed, survival and social indignities. Not one of the best from the director but still entertaining which feels like the aura of Breathless in terms of direction.

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