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Gosford Park

Gosford Park review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 03/20/13

There are instances, much like the popular Fanny & Alexander or The Last Picture Show since it's genre is similar, wherein the critics love a certain picture and is highly regarded. This film is one of them and unfortunately, it doesn't live-up to the praises due to the a loaded cast in which the direction floats back and forth to keep up with the events occurring from day to day, uninteresting plot and likable figures. A dreary pace just kills the interest of knowing who the murderer was. It was nice to see some talents and then unknown Clive Owen, Maggie Smith and Ryan Philippe. Score and set pieces were elegant. Best lines from the movie: "They do things differently there." "We all have something to hide." There are a myriad of directors who can direct, others unfortunately can't tell a clear and entertaining story while doing it. Gosford Park has its good and bad points, well mostly bad since it just takes too long to make the movie interesting. Clue was definitely one of the best in terms of the "which character is the murderer." mysteries.

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