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The Lost Weekend

The Lost Weekend review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 12/09/12

I've read in an article that Al Pacino was inspired to be an actor by viewing this film. He was in awe with he acting ability of Milland. Performances were solid, writing was straightforward and message ever so clear. Not truly entertaining enough while some scenes albeit exaggerated. Story revolve around 3 distinct characters: Ray Milland as Don Birnam the alcoholic who wishes to write, Jane Wyman as Helen St. James who has been supportive and caring of Don and Phillip Terry as Wick Birnam, the brother who gets fed-up with Don's antics. The Lost Weekend may have been well acted and directed, it's overall output is left to be desired, unless the viewer enjoys hardcore drama and is a recovering alcoholic. Still, got to thank this film for producing one my personal favorite artists in Hollywood.

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