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New York Stories

New York Stories review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 11/26/12

A film which involves recognizable skilled Award-winning directors. unfortunately, despite the effort, it was not as memorable and recognized. Life Lessons by Martin Scorsese, is about an artist Lionel Dobie (Nick Nolte) and Paulette (Rosanna Arquette). Next would be Life Without Zoë by Francis Ford Coppola whose focus is on Zoë (Heather McComb), which was not as interesting as the rest of the stories due to its light idea. Oedipus Wrecks is by Woody Allen about Sheldon (Woody Allen) with a vocal mother (Mae Questel). His mother mysteriously vanished from a magic show. The father daughter (Francis and Sofia) tandem writing seem to be daft. New York Stories is one of the rare instances 3 known directors have worked in a single movie in a single setting. Weird, touching, romantic but overall simple compared the their other masterpieces.

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