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Brick review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 10/28/12

This picture reminded the critic of elements from Vertigo, Memento and Persona like shots. The director has the potential to be great with balanced/more likable characters and better artists. Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) receives a call from an ex and mentions "brick", "poor Frisco", "tug", and "the Pin." He and his friend The Brain (Matt O'Leary) try to decipher the mystery of Emily Kostich's death (Emilie de Ravin). If only the dialogues (short too hip) and names were realistic and the scene where Brendan snoops in the office of The Pin (Lukas Haas) were though of (a drug dealer without security, baffling huh). Another flaw this rater noticed is casting Lukas Haas, no matter how good the role or picture, it becomes dull with him around for some reason. The action, clues and screenplay were precise for its genre. Some cool quotes: Brendan - "Now you are dangerous." "Ah, the folly of youth." The extended/edited version of certain scenes on the bonus features were interesting to view since you can see the director's meticulous nature. Brick is a good mystery which touches on trust, friendship and crime.

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