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The Road (2009)

The Road (2009) review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 06/28/12

Though it doesn't have much story or actual direction, it is one of the most authentic, bleak and hopeful films around. Kodi Smit-McPhee is a star waiting to happen and this journey is one hell of a ride. A father (Mortensen) and his young son (Smit-McPhee) are survivors of a post-apocalyptic era. The man's wife (Charlize Theron) makes a decision on her own. The two main characters meet an old man (Robert Duvall). They likewise encounter a thief (Michael Kenneth Williams). There are several queries that were unanswered such as the decision of the wife to leave, how everything happened, no names were mentioned (except for Ely) and the light explanation of their destination. Despite of the aforementioned, the direction, acting (from all artists), score and cinematography were just splendid. Screenplay was something that could have been improved, nevertheless there were a few notable lines: Father - "I'll take care of you...it's my job." "We are not gonna quit." "Everybody's scared." Kid - "You always think something bad is going to happen." "I won't forget about you." Ely - "There were warnings." The Road is a well-crafted film on cannibalism, letting go, memories, protection, loss of faith, luck, nature's wrath, death, compassion and a loving father-son relationship.

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