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Platoon review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 03/05/12

Viewing this again just makes you appreciate how great a director Stone is and how horrific and heart wrenching it is to be part of a war. The film starts off slow with an ambush at night and a bonding of troops. it gets interesting after the booby trap explosion. The platoon consists of the humane Sergeant Elias (Willem Dafoe), austere Staff Sergeant Bob Barnes (Tom Berenger), Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen), Sergeant "Red" O'Neill (John C. McGinley) and many more.

Its elegant score and detailed direction were sensational. Performances were sincere despite the number of quality stars as supporting roles like (Depp and Whitaker) and scenes very realistic. Staff Sgt. Barnes - “Take the pain.” Chris Taylor – “Day by day I struggle to maintain not only my strength but also my sanity.” “Just another day. Staying alive.” Sgt. Elias - "Feelin' good's good enough.” Its subjects include taking sides, bravery, inner wars, principles and survival. A brief cameo of Stone was witnessed in the battle scene. Definitely one of the best films created in the 80’s that deserves its accolades, Platoon exemplifies the gruesome effects of a war since the director himself has been exposed to the said environment.

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