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The Frighteners

The Frighteners review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 02/15/12

Frank Bannister loses his wife, Debra, in a car accident and has the ability to see ghosts. His three paranormal friends Cyrus, Stuart and the Judge help him in his business. Frank sees a Grim Reaper kill people and tries to solve the mystery of those deaths with numbers on their foreheads. Dr. Lucy Lynskey aids Frank helps Frank in the investigation of the murders. Milton Dammer suspects Frank of the killings. The soundtrack, make-up, acting and visual effects were effective. Trini Alvarado and Michael J. Fox provide an onscreen connection with genuine performances for their characters. Only qualm’s this critic had were the rushed storytelling and dialogue were a bit iffy. A few good quotes from the picture: Dammer – “But pain has its reward. The power of the mind is absolute.” and a few from the other characters – “Start living, dude.” “Be happy.” The Frighteners is an enjoyable dark comedy with elements of horror and a bit of comical scenes with dazzling effects. This is an underrated picture that could have had more exposure.

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