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Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 12/29/11

Ann (Hepburn) leaves her embassy to roam around Rome. Joe Bradley (Peck) is a reporter who discovers the princess sleeping on a street due to the sedative taking effect. Bradley then makes a bet with his boss that he can interview the princess. She introduces herself to Joe as "Anya Smith." Joe introduces Anya to Irving Radovich (Eddie Albert), his photographer. Ann and Joe roam around while being apprehended by the police.

Only qualms this reviewer had was the lack of better character build-up since we have no idea which country the princess is or how Joe really works as a reporter. In any case, the score was stunning, location was attractive and screenplay brought in the appropriate humor and messages of making time for yourself and trust. Joe - “Why don’t you take a little time for yourself?” “Life isn’t always what one likes.” Audrey Hepburn was superb and Gregory Peck was flexible in dramatic and comedic scenes. An authentic romantic comedy, Roman Holiday was effective in bringing out the its humor, message and wonder.

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