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Babel review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 12/27/11

This is a film with numerous stories revolving around characters in various locations. A child named Yussef from Morocco accidentally shoots Susan (Cate Blanchett), wife of Richard (Brad Pitt). In Japan, Chieko Wataya (Rinko Kikuchi) is having difficulty coping up her mother’s death and fitting in with society because of being deaf and mute. Chieko meets Haruki and his friends and invites Detective Mamiya to her place. While in the US, Richard and Susan's Mexican nanny Amelia (Adriana Barraza) travels to Mexico to be present in her son’s wedding. She takes the children of Richard and Susan so she can take care of them. Santiago, her nephew, is the person who drives the car.

This picture depicted each countries respective culture and lifestyle well. It was convincing how the performances were exhibited and characters intertwined. The movie touched on various matters such as values, acceptance, death’s impact, family, compassion and effects of wrongdoings. Rinko Kikuchi and Brad Pitt were amazing in their respective roles. Screenplay was effective, score endearing and cinematography was proficient. Excellent camera work was displayed by the director. If only it was edited well since some scenes ran too long which didn’t affect the plot. Babel is a multiawarded/nominated drama worth viewing because of the sincere acting and general themes.

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