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Green Lantern review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 07/25/11

I have been a Batman fan as long as I can remember. This prompted me to be a DC fan. I discovered Green Lantern last year by purchasing the graphic novels. Hal Jordan is a cocky, confident, fearless character who is in love with a girl, tries to save an alien and was chosen by the ring to defend sector 2814 (Earth). The art was amazing, the story was compelling, the creatures/aliens were fascinating and the power of the ring/lantern was engaging. After seeing the movie I quite can easily comprehend the story. For those new to the DC hero, it’s confusing and rushed at times. The cast was average, the story and script could have been improved. Before the film was released, there were several negative feedbacks already, which baffled me. Why rate a film when it’s not even released? Yes there were scenes where it was to sappy, dragging and confusing. Not everything was bad, the hero believing he can be make a difference, accepting change in one’s life are some of the finer points. When certain people watch films, it’s usually external or visual. I’m a huge fan of quotes/story telling aside from the other factors that make a picture good. Green Lantern could have been better with a simpler approach in introducing the character, involving more action, less silly love scenes and focusing on the rings capabilities. The graphic novels are a work of art, if only they stayed true to the contents and studied the storyboards instead of spending loads of cash on special effects. Besides, look at the Batman franchise, it wouldn't work if the story was simple.

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