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Rendition review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 07/08/11

A film I have seen by reading the details on the back of the DVD. I was in for a big surprise. Not only does this have a stellar cast consisting of Meryl Streep (Corrine Whitman), Alan Arkin (Senator Hawkins), Jake Gyllenhall (Douglas Freeman) and Reese Witherspoon (Isabella), but it also has another story within the picture. Omar Metwally as Anwar El-Ibrahimi, was the focus of the film. He did a great job of portraying an innocent Chemical Enginner who was wrongfully accused by the CIA of being linked to a violent organization. The other story is the reason for the bomb explosion/suicide attack at a town in North Africa.

I felt this could have been improved if they were more informative of the locations, time, date and the rest of the details just to prevent any confusion of the sequence since it has 2 stories that are interlinked. No doubt the actors played their roles well, the way the film and realism (since I have viewed the special features where they incorporated 2 civilians that was had undergone real renditions) could have been more precise. All in all, the film was entertaining and informative. It can be scary since any innocent person can be tortured without having to explain themselves or conducting any background check. After watching the special features, this made me appreciate the film more because of its traumatic effects on the victim and relative of the person abducted. Heck, even Roger Ebert thought it was valuable and rare.

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