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The Iceman (2013)

The Iceman
Jacob Zembower - wrote on 08/12/13

Even if The Iceman skims through a lot of the important true events, this is completely Michael Shannon's show. Giving another great performance, and probably one of his best. Winona Ryder is also great as Kuklinksi's loving, if scared, wife. But again, this film is worth watching if only for Shannon's flawless performance as 'The Iceman', never striking a false note, frightening, oddly sympathetic, and yet still cold blooded. The film makers should have delved more into Kuklinski's background, instead of just a blink and you'll miss it flashback. Not that this man deserves sympathy, but having researched the case and his upbringing, it would have added a little more meat to the proceedings. The supporting players also give great performances, especially Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, and even David Schwimmer. So while the film may be far from perfect, it's still a solid, lurid, crime drama, elevated by Michael Shannon's brilliant performance. (Rated R, contains strong graphic violence including some grisly images, sex and drug content, and language throughout.)

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Charger - wrote on 10/28/13 at 03:12 PM CT

The Iceman Review comment

great movie ..michael shannon is awsome ..the only thing i was sad about is how nice they portray kuklinksi ..and what a mean is he is still pretty hardcore at times but is you watch the documentarie vs this movie you will be disapointed . the best exemple is how he is with his wife in the movie he is almost a saint ..and in the documentary he used to beat the grap out of her and do horrible things ..appart from that very good

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