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Salt (2010)

Good Action, Bad Plot
achika2891 - wrote on 04/29/11

This is the movie that never ends. Not as bad as that cheesy song you hear when growing up. Never-ending movies are still somewhat lame.

In this epic story of CIA agent Salt, the Russians are trying to blow up other countries to try and get the US in to trouble. With this they have to throw in a few ties to the Cold War, and other related stuff. So how is the plot continuing, even after the credits roll? Because Philip Noyce couldn't decide which plot he wanted to go with. He did a decent job building suspense with "Where's my husband?" and the "I'm innocent" stuff to eventually climax at "Okay, she's trying to kill the Russian president." After that, it went down hill for me. It eventually became "Hi, welcome back to the family of grown-up, brainwashed children that you grew up with" and "Oh, by the way, here's another mission with someone like us that you didn't know existed". The last third or so of the film probably would have worked better as some sort of sequel. Though after watching it, I highly doubt one will ever be made. Action scenes were good, plot not so much.

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