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Prisoners (2013)

Best Paced Film Of 2013
Taz - wrote on 07/14/14

Edge of your seat suspense thriller. There wasn't anything I didn't enjoy about this movie except for the fact that I was a little to tense and on edge to go to bed after finishing last night. The story of two little girls who disappear is a parents worst nightmare. But the edge of your seat suspense this movie keeps you in for 2 and a half hours goes beyond that initial horrible feeling. You might think that two and half hours is a little to long but it felt just right to me. It was just long enough to make you feel that dread and horror that all the characters in the movie are feeling. That feeling of never finding the girls or worse finding what you don't want to find. That is all thanks to the great direction and pace director Denis Villeneuve gives the movie. The other key part of this movie is it's great cast. Jake Gyllenhaal is incredible as the cop borderline obsessed with solving the case. But it is Hugh Jackman as the father who goes to far that made the movie for me. I don't have kids but I can still understand where his character is coming from even if he goes to far. I highly recommend this movie if you get a chance. It is exciting, suspenseful, well directed and well acted. Like I said before I can;t find a flaw that stick out to me.

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