Taz's Movie Review of Unstoppable (2010)

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Unstoppable (2010)

Unstoppably Bad
Taz - wrote on 07/15/12

I went into this moving thinking it would be a fun mindless action movie. I was right it was a mindless action movie but it lacked the fun. The only thing that made this move remotely watchable was Denzel Washington. As always Denzel played his part perfectly and raised the movie from bad to almost watchable. With barely any character development Denzel was able to make you care about his character a little bit and not want him to die in a fiery crash. That is more then I can say for the rest of the cardboard who when there life was in peril didn't really care that much if they made it to the end of the movie or not. I would not recommend this movie to be added to your Netflix cue because it would be a waste of a disc you could use on a movie that was much better. Maybe if you were really bored and you caught this on TV it might be worth watching but there as to be something better on I would think.

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