Armando Sanchez's Movie Review of The Change-Up

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The Change-Up

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 02/29/12

Finally a "body switch" flick I can actually enjoy.this film is one of the funniest film I have ever seen in a long really is that good.the main leads, Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynold play each other like is if they were actually each other.this film has it all : ruanchy comedy , fun characters , funnny ,gross out's a raucnhy lover's desire.this film is so funny.I feel like the actors were handed a great script and they turned it into something better with their acting abilities.amazing funnny film.the only problem I had with the film and no,it's not the length,some people hated how it ran over an hour and 50 minutes,but I think it helped by giving us more character depth.but the thing i can nit pick is that at times I feel they try to hard to be funny at moments and fail.overall a great comedy with great amazing leads,but at times tries too hard.check it out, recommend it.

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