Armando Sanchez's Movie Review of Halloween II (2009)

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Halloween II (2009)

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 11/12/11

Not bad at all.this film keeps you guessing in ways you never do a lot in horror films.Rob Zombie directs theses actors like I've never seen a horror director do before.this movie is truly amazing,people are calling it "terrible" I call it "good" it's the kind of horror film that actually deals with characters and not just pointless blood and guts.I felt like all these characters really did go through something,and this movie is truly just about them overcoming it.I don't consider this a horror film,I consider this a drama/horror film,cause that is what it is,and I love it.this mvie isn't just about a killer killing people,it actually deals with the people he's after anf even deals with himself at times,which I truly loved.Rob Zombie has proved to me again that he could direct.perfect sequel to a not so bad remake.expect more from this amazing horror genuise,Rob Zombie.

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