Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of Moon Over Parador

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Moon Over Parador

Not enough Raul
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 06/17/12

This film certainly has a set up that could have possibly been something far more enjoyable than it is. I think the main problem is the structure of the film which starts setting up the rest of the film as a flashback takes away all tension it might have had, and the problem is the film depends a lot on this tension it wanted. The set up is fairly well handled though, and there are some good moments in the first half. The second half just seems to go on auto pilot and frankly seems to go for too much of a feel good style, where a darker tone would have been more enjoyable considering the circumstances. The performances though are fine and if William Hurt had been the lead this would have been a full Kiss of the Spider Woman reunion. I particularly like Raul Julia as a manic but suave puppet master. Unfortunately there is not enough Julia as he almost goes mia in the second half. Not a terrible film by any measure, I did not mind watching it but it had the potential to be so much better.

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