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I did not like the movie
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 11/09/09

I could not stand Serpico because it failed to reach its potential. The acting more or less is fine except for Serpico's second wife she is terrible. The problem is not so much the source material the true story of the cop who wanted to stop corruption is incredibly interesting. The problems come about with the telling of the story and the poor direction. The story wants to basically be a movie without a plot but it has one. It has several random scenes involving things that are not the main plot that do not go anywhere, or least fail to have any depth for me to care. His relationship are shown to be important but not one of them is given the amount of depth or time for it to matter. It basically is he meets the girl then she leaves him later on. Then there are multiple scenes not directly about the corruption that do not have great baring, they show him to be a good cop but they fail to have any importance with the time they take. Also many scenes Serpico seems uninterested in being a cop and dresses like a hippy, and a scene where he dresses like a hassidic jew for no reason. The main plot drags to its conclusion with a section where he says he is not gonna do something but then just does anyways. I did not like this movie it failed to have a good focus and if it did not want to focus on one thing it should have had better side stories to tell.

Oscar Nominee Best Actor Al Pacino 2/5- Pacino is disappointing I find most of the time he just looks tired and uncaring, add in many scenes where he yells that do not do anything for the overall character, and to make it worse throw a scene at the beginning where he does his accent he later uses in Dog Day Afternoon for absolutely no reason.

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mpol - wrote on 07/08/12 at 01:13 PM CT

Serpico Review comment

Serpico: An excellent movie and an excellent book. Al Pacino was great in his role as Serpico.

mpol - wrote on 06/30/12 at 01:10 AM CT

Serpico Review comment

I saw the movie Serpico when it first came out, and thought that it was an excellent film. Al Pacino was, and still is a fabulous actor. I read the book shortly after seeing the movie, and I thought that it, too, was excellent.

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