Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of The Apartment

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The Apartment

Entertaining to watch,
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 04/20/09

An entertaining romantic comedy which is actually good unlike many in this genre. It is fast paced and interesting due to the nice interactions between the characters. Every character is played very well and there is not a bad link anywhere. It looks very nice with Billy Wilder's good direction and the dialogue is smart and well written.

Best Actor Nominee Jack Lemmon 3/5- Lemmon's shtick I always find wears a bit thin when he does a leading role. His mannerisms always can get a bit annoying and this time is no exception. He though still does welll enough and is still good where when he does not try as hard.

Best Supporting actor nominee Jack Kruschen 4/5- Kruschen is very good as the neighbor and doctor next door, and gets past just one liners and instead into a deeper stronger ability later in the film.

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