Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of Spider-Man 3

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Spider-Man 3

Many flaws in Spidey's third
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 02/16/09

I very poor entry into the spider-man franchise. I will admittedly say that I did not like the first two as much as other people did but I did find them respectable enough. This one makes those two look quite brilliant. There are many problems to Spider-man three but let me say what are good. The special effects are great and the action scenes look good, also Bruce Campbell and J.K Simmons are amusing in their respective roles. Now the problems there are many first of all there are too many scenes of hitting you over the head emoting. Everyone does including Spider-Man and Sand-man. Second the film makes a fatal mistake in thinks that you care about Mary Jane played poorly in my opinion by the not very likable Kristin Dunst. The film relies on this and is hurt severely because of it. In fact when she is hit in the film the theater audience gave an applause. This is not limited to my theater either because many have told me that is also happened when they were watching it, which certainly shows a lack of empathy for this character and portrayal. Yet another problem is doing a big revelation scene using a very much side character, I am referring to a butler that really only had yes sir lines before. I could keep going on but a huge flaw are the villains none seem really that dangerous and one has so little screen time he is almost an after thought. So a bad sequel and a bad film.

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