Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of The Incredible Hulk

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The Incredible Hulk

About the same quality as the first.
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 12/08/08

This is not really better than the other one nor is it worse. It has more action scenes but the story is lacking more. At the same time it does not praddle on as much and Ed Norton is actually slightly better than Eric Bana who over did the anger. Betty Banner was better in the first and Ross is more or less the same. The villains both result in a fight this ones fight is better. This one has the lame comic book in joking which i never like but the other one had that foolish comic book framing visual. The special effects are better in this one but it still looks fake. The story in this one has little to it and it is not compelling. The action scenes are okay though but that is not enough to recommend. Neither is great because Hulk is better as a supporting character. Although I think they could still do a hulk only film well they would have to think of a particular way.

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