Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of Midnight Cowboy

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Midnight Cowboy

A very dark but very good film.
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 11/24/08

A film with very dark material but the friendship between the two main characters really brightens it up as does Jon Voight's performance as Joe Buck. It is just a film that is intriguing despite its very dark content. The characters are very good because you want to know what will happen to them. There really is no story besides going in to New York and needing to get out. That is all it needs because it holds your interest through its unique visual style.

Oscar Nominee Best Actor Jon Voight 6-Jon Voight is perfect as Joe Buck. He does not do a single thing wrong in the film. All of his emotions are shown very realistically, from his anger to hos overall naive and upbeat attitude.

Oscar Nominee Best Actor Dustin Hoffman 6- Just as good as Voight although almost the opposite in terms of character. A completely downtrodden character who is barely leaving and Hoffman shows that perfectly.

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