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The Social Network

There's no way you can't watch this.
GGauthier - wrote on 03/18/11

I never cared about FB. A year ago, I just created an account. Started using it this year. Now, from a technical point of view, this app is pure perfection. I mean, hands up, the thing is close to AI. Reading and learning from 500mill ppl
On the other hand. marky mark suckerberg owns us. yeah. he owns you, and me. everything we write on FB, every picture. He owns it.
Now, on that premise, a smart fella writes a book, and some oportunists see the good side of it, and in record time, (think about how many scientists, muscians, religious and politicals leaders, influential ppl in human history didn't ever have a bio pic) marky has his own flick. I mean, with all that in mind, the flick is something you have to see.

Technical is simple, and there is where is its complexity. Some cool trivia, is that the first scene is 90 pages long.
Social network does not represent some kind of pinacle of today's human progress. FB is not even close to that, but hey... sony's walkman was cool at some point of human history too.

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