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Lake Dead

Thats Not A Lake!!!!!!!
lpd381 - wrote on 03/15/11

This movie ranks among the worst movies I have ever seen. I honestly believe that everybody involved in this film should be denied entry into Heaven for their involvement in this film. The acting in this film makes a middle school play look like Broadway and the plot is just a complete piece of crap. I think one of the things that made me the most angry is the fact that the "lake" in this movie is a pond that looked like it was dug for a sewage treatment center. When your movie that centers around a motel at a lake can't even afford to go shoot on location at a lake, then maybe you need to reconsider what it is your doing. If you like the inbred torture gore genre then you would be better off watching "The Hills Have Eyes" or something in that ball park, but anybody who actually watches this movie and actually likes it is obviously a moron. Don't waste your time or money. In fact if you even think about watching this movie, smack yourself in the face with a hammer because it's about the same in pain level.

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