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The Social Network

It may deserve best picture!
Bri - wrote on 02/04/11

I knew I would have to watch this eventually to be ready for the Oscars at all, but I didn't want to, assumed it would be overrated, etc. I was pleasantly suprised! It feels weird to call the Facebook movie tha movie of my generation, but I can't think of anything that so perfectly captures the zeitgeist (although at times the back-biting yuppie greed seems more at place in the late 80s). But by making the focus not Facebook, but the difficulty of making a sincere connection and the desires and drives that cause us to betray friendships, the movie becomes almost timeless. It moves quickly and is written and directed flawlessly. Jesse Eisenberg's Zuckerberg is a hell of a lot more likeable than the real one. While it may not be the wrenching human drama of Winter's Bone or the stunning visceral trip of Black Swan, they may deserve to win best picture simply for making a movie about Facebook the must-see movie this year.

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