FZero's Movie Review of The Signal (2008)

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The Signal (2008)

A lesson in unevenness.
FZero - wrote on 04/13/08

God dammit is the PG-13 version of what I said after this one was finished. There's a shit load of wasted potential here, there is a good movie in there somewhere. It's like these three guys couldn't decide on what genre they should tackle and split the movie into three parts to try and satisfy everyone and the predictable thing happened, they failed miserably. Things got off to a promising start with the first third being dark, violent and just overall awesome, then everything went to hell. The middle portion ran the whole production into the ground with its attempt at campy comedy was such a sudden change of tone from which the movie never recovered. It seemed to drag on forever, even the overall better last part couldn't redeem what had just occurred. Maybe M. Night Shamhammer can do a better job with a similar topic in The Happening, but after his last floating turd I wouldn't bet a lot on it.

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