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The Tow Towers
Jr Movie Lover - wrote on 07/22/10

This movie was a very worth while experience and I have enjoyed watching it over again even to this day. Let me start out by saying that there are 3 main parts I like for in a movie like this. The first is the ability to transition from novel to movie form in a flawless manor and I really do feel that the Two Towers was good at doing that.
The second is the effects and acting. I really do feel that the acting from Elijah Wood Viggo Mortenson and Ian Mckellan have probably one of the best triple threat acting performances ever done on Film. Viggo is the calm cool and collective B.A Aragorn(The Ranger from the North). Ian is the Smart and tactically genius grey wizard gone white Gandalf(The White Rider). Finally Elijah is the Small protagonist of the story with the weight of everyone that is good in middle earth on his shoulders Frodo(The Halfling).
The smaller cast also does a Phenomenal Job. I mean the Regulars Orlando Bloom (Legolas the Elf) John Rhys-Davies( Gimli the Dwarve) as well as the other Hobbits Sam, Merry and Pippin(Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd) all play a great part in this movie. Now on to the effects. The Warg attack on the traveling Rohan people , the attacking of Isengard by the Ents and the battle of Helm's Deep are all cinematically beautiful pieces of art.
They are all well done. Also the transformation of the Ent's from inanimate to animate and the CGI on the Warg's is done terrifically. Now to the third part. The third part I look for in a Movie is how new characters are introduced and acted out. I do not consider A new character as part of the second element of the three.
The Rohanian's Theoden,Eowyn, and Eomer are all phenomenally portrayed by Bernard Hill, Miranda Otto, and Karl Urban. Eowyn's forlorn love for Aragorn actually caused me to feel a sense of Emotional sorrow that she could not have him. Theoden did a good job making the transformation from brainwashed King to their leader at the Battle of the Hornburg. Eomer also did a good job as the outcast nephew of Theoden and brother of Eowyn as well as the leader of the Eored.
In the end I would have to give J.R.R Tolkien's Plot a 10/10 Peter Jackson's Directing a 9.5/10 The Acting of the Cast a 9/10 and the effects/screenplay a 8.5/10 which comes to a 37/40 or a 3.7/4.0 stars. Being that this is a fantasy film I will round it up to 4.0 as a handicap for all fantasy films.

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