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Mars Needs Moms!

Out-of-this-World Fun
quarterback98 - wrote on 04/03/11

Mars Needs Moms is a sweet way of showing the love between a mother & her child. On top of it, it is pretty funny! Dan Fogler provides the comic relief (as always) & actually has a sweet & tragic past. It is beautiful how they show how he ended up on the ship as it is quite a tragic story. The visual effects are out of this world!! Very convincing & quite beautiful.

However, on the bad side, it is probably a bit too high-tech. It is hard to way this up against other sci-fi Computer Animated films, but, I'm gonna do it anyway:

Starting with Wall-E; in my opinion, Mars Needs Moms is a lot better than Wall-E. Hell, half that movie is in silence for god sake!! So, Round 1 to 'Mars Needs Moms!'

Now, to Space Chimps; okay, I did laugh at Space Chimps. It was funny & way more enjoyable than Wall-E. Wall-E was just too emotional! Space Chimps was original although was too uninspired & points & it was way too messy with the plot!! Round 2 to 'Mars Needs Moms!'

Planet 51; OH, PLEASE!!!!!!! Round 3, 'Mars Needs Moms!'

And finally, Monsters vs. Aliens; Monsters vs. Aliens had a star-studded cast & was full of laughs. However, although the visuals were good, they didn't match up to Mars Needs Moms! But I do need to stick to my guns & say Monsters vs Aliens was, admittedly better.

Chicken Little had aliens, but doesn't qualify as too much was non sci-fi related.
So, to finish off: Mars Needs Moms is hilarious & packed with shockingly good special effects. It's not as good as Monsters vs. Aliens, but lightyears better than Wall-E. 3/4 really good fun!!

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